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Tailored math, science and writing assignments to improve your child's performance.

$100 per week for 5 weekly assignments created and reviewed by highly experienced teachers.

How It Works

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Sign Up & Pay

Sign Up, share details about your child's age, grade level and whether they need help with math, science or writing. Pay for the first week.

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Placement Test

Your child's teacher will send you a placement test so that they can determine your child's performance for their grade level, age and subject.

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Assignments Begin

Your child's teacher will send you the first week's 5 assignments. Each assignment will have 5 questions and be tailored specifically for your child.

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Teacher Reviews

Each week, your child's teacher will review the previous week's assignment and then based on the results, assign another 5 tailored assignments.

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New Assignment Is Sent

The new tailored assignment is sent to your child and they will have one week to finish it. Each assignment will again have 25 questions. 

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Get Better At Math & Writing

Practice makes perfect! The more your child practices tailored math and writing assignments, the better they will perform in those subjects.

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Practice makes perfect.

More tailored math, science & writing assignments will improve your child's performance.

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Tailored Assignments 

Our teachers won't assign general math and writing assignments for your child but will create a set of assignments tailored for your child and where they are in their math and writing performance. 

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Highly Experienced Teachers

All of our teachers are highly experienced with bachelor's degrees in education with at least 10 year of experience in either math, science or writing.

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Pick Your Own Schedule

Our teachers will assign a set of assignments for your child each week but your child can choose when to complete the assignments for that week. As long as  they're completed on time.

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Frequently asked questions

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What makes Bennett Hill Academies stand out?

We believe in the old mantra "practice makes perfect". Which is exactly the purpose of these assignments. Our highly experienced teachers will create weekly assignments of 25 questions. Then each week, they will review not only the previous week's results but also the previous month's reviews. The teacher will then decide whether to create assignments that are more difficult, stay the course or decrease the difficulty. 


What grade does my child have to be enrolled in?

We currently accept students from kindergarten through 12th grade.


Do you offer tailored assignments only for science, math and writing?

Yes, currently we only offer tailored assignments for these 3 subjects.


What is the cost?

The weekly cost is $100 and there is not commitment or signed contract required. Simply cancel when you wish to.

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